We are expert in Western Italian Cuisine

We Specialize In Cheese, Would Like To Serve You
All With Original Taste Of Rich Flavour Quattro

Its Mean 4 Different Type Of Cheese.

All Combined Together And Fully Loaded Melted
On Top Of Your Food. Taste It To Love It.


Quattro Formaggi

Carbonara With Blackened Chicken/Beef

Al Freddo

Al Tonno

Chillies Al Tonno

Meatball Bolognese

Creamy  Presto Peperoncino

Grill Chicken Blackened Creol

Grill Lamb Rosemary Au Juice


Beef/Chicken Bolognese

Pomodoro Basilico

Napolitana Melanzana

Aglio e Olio De Manzo

Aglio e Olio De Polo

Aglio e Olio De Fungi

Aglio e Olio De Verdura

Grill Chicken Creamy Chilli Pesto

Deep Fried Chicken Forestiere Au Gratin


Grill Chicken Au Gratin Quattro Formaggie

Deep Fried Chicken Parmigiana

Grill Chicken Barbecue Sauce

Grill Chicken Jalapeno Au Juice

Grill Chicken Creamy Grain Mustard

Grill Chicken Al Cartoccio

Grill Chicken Herbs butter Sauce

Deep Fried Chicken Black Pepper

Grill Beef Cartoccio

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